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 Posting Rules: Please read before posting or risk having your topics locked.

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PostSubject: Posting Rules: Please read before posting or risk having your topics locked.   Mon May 10, 2010 9:31 pm

Hi and welcome to the trade section of D2Asia USA Forum!

We invite all members to trade on our site.
Please follow the rules when posting:

We, the staff, are not liable for any trades made here. If you have an issue with a seller/buyer, report them and give us the reason for your reporting. We will look into your problem.

Do NOT make threads asking for free items. This is considered begging and will cause your post to be locked immediately. Free items can be given but not asked for. These threads for GIFTING items can be found under "Giveaways" thread.

If you make a deal with a buyer/seller, you MUST follow through with the trade. If you do not, you risk your account being banned.

When posting a thread for Buying/Selling, please include in your topic:

*What you are selling and price asked
*A Screen Shot of the item where you can.

The Selling of Dupe items is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

If you bot, you must provide a log of the item which the bot found. If you mf, you must specify from which act, and which monster it dropped from. So when mf'ing, take note of who dropped it. If you fail to produce these results, you will initially have your topic locked, and will be given a warning. Second time doing this you will also have your topic locked and given a 2nd warning. Third time doing it, it will be assumed that you have no logs to show, and are trying to sell a dupe. This will lead to an account ban

An item such as a highrune, that is bought from another trader, may not be traded in this section. For that item you may trade it in the Asia 1 All trade section. That section allows for dupes to be sold.

The reason we seperate the legitimate section from that section is to allow players who like legit, and those who like dupes to trade on their own. Since we don't want a legit player to buy an item for a legit price, and have it dissapear on them. If you sell an item in this section that dissapears for the buyer, you will be banned.

If your trade has been completed, please edit the topic to state SOLD OR OVER OR BOTH. This allows the Admin your thread is now inactive and can be locked. This also stops potential buyers/sellers from entering your thread with their hopes up.

Please follow the Terms Of Service in your posts.

Thank you for reading the rules. You are now free to trade on this forum!

Here is an example of how to post in this thread:

Quote :
Topic: Buy Enigma


Hi! I am looking to buy an enigma. And low stat is fine. I am willing to offer Pul.

Enigma (any stat) = Pul

Please PM muchadoaboutnuffin or post here for trade.
Thank you.
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Posting Rules: Please read before posting or risk having your topics locked.

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