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 Auction Rules

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Auction Rules Vide
PostSubject: Auction Rules   Auction Rules EmptyTue May 11, 2010 4:18 pm

Hi and welcome to the Auction section of D2Asia Usa Forum.

We invite all users to auction items in this section. Item that are not classified in the price chart as = Auction will have their threads locked.
We have rather strict rules for auctions so please read these carefully before posting an auction or bidding on one.

Once an item has been posted in auction, the initial post may not be edited. This is due to manipulation of images, prices, auction time and items. If we see that the thread main post has be edited, we will lock the thread and the offender will be given a warning. A second offense at this will lead to a three-day ban from the forum.

When bidding on an item, please make sure you bid higher then the previous bidder. You MUST have what you have offered as your bid in the auction.

Failure to complete a trade when winning an auction is cause to ban your account.

  • In regards to banning an account due to failure of a trade, will be subject to the circumstances. Depending on the situation, the ban could range from 3 days, to 1 week, or even permanently.

You may not bid twice in a row. You may not have friends up the prices offered in your auction to make more from it.

A screen shot of auction item MUST be displayed in inital post. And alterations to the screen shot will be cause for an account ban.

Bumping is allowed, but in this section, limited to twice a day.

Times set for auction completion are final and cannot be altered. Offers made AFTER this time will not be counted as a bid.

If you are auctioning an item for Cash, we, the staff, are not liable for funds transfered. However, if there is a failure to transfer the Cash, the winning bidder may risk a law suit. All money transactions on this site are taken very seriously.

  • For Trades, a mediator can be requested. A Mediator is someone who is deemed trustworthy to assist in the transaction. This will ensure security of your goods.

Staff will watch all auction threads closely. Any misuse of this thread of failure to follow the rules stated here will lead to an account ban.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules. May you have a successful auction.
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Auction Rules

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