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 Diablo Programmes Rules And Guidelines

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Diablo Programmes Rules And Guidelines Vide
PostSubject: Diablo Programmes Rules And Guidelines   Diablo Programmes Rules And Guidelines EmptyTue May 11, 2010 4:42 pm

Hi and welcome to the Programmes Guide for D2Asia USA Forum!

In this section of forum, we encourage people to share the programmes they have found useful for their Diablo playing.

There are a few rules for this section of forum. They are common sense.

When posting a programme, be SURE it will not cause a users account to be banned. If we find you have done so, your account will be banned.
Be weary of the links you chose to open. We hope no one will add a virus/keylogger or anything else vial on this site, but we cannot garantee it.
When posting a link, please make sure the link is SAFE for other users.
Please post a discription of how to use the programme you have added to your thread.
Be ready to answer questions about the programme you have recommended. Do NOT abbandon your thread after having posted.
Follow Terms Of Service.

Thank you for reading and enjoy this section of forum!
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Diablo Programmes Rules And Guidelines

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