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Dance!Online Vide
PostSubject: Dance!Online   Dance!Online EmptyThu May 13, 2010 11:56 pm

Hi everyone!
Thought I would randomly mention this game as I spend a bit of time on it and love it to bits! I realise it is rather girly but, believe it or not, female users are out-numbered 7-1!

You can find this game at http://dance.acclaim.com
It is free to download and once you have it, that's all you need! Of course, you can donate real money to the game to buy items, but you can earn them too, via playing.

There are heaps of songs on here. 3 difficulties and the ability to speed up and slow down the notes (rate).
There are heaps of modes. My favourite being Lover Mode (dance with someone of the opposite gender) or Girls VS Boys (always amusing as it gives a punishment of a crazy costume!) Other modes include supstar, battle and river notes.

Here is an image from the game itself and some amazing videos of game play. Not all of the game is this hard. These people are pros.

And this image is of myself and a friend for winning Lover Mode!

Dance!Online Dance_10

I hope you all enjoyed these videos and will consider playing (although it is very different from Diablo lol). It is great fun!

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