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 Rules And Guidelines for Other Games section

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Rules And Guidelines for Other Games section Vide
PostSubject: Rules And Guidelines for Other Games section   Rules And Guidelines for Other Games section EmptyFri May 14, 2010 12:07 am

Hi and Welcome to the Other Games section of D2asia-usa.net


We encourage all members to share their other favourite games here and to allow discussion on the subject. Other games can be on any platform (Playstation, Xbox, PC) and are all welcome to be posted here!

Please try to tell about the game as much as you can when posting a new thread. Videos of gameplay and images are always helpful to encourage others to play these games you care so much about, you have to post about them.

We would also appreciate it if you, when making a new thread, could chose a thread title that is, preferably, the game name. This is not a must but bear in mind that if the thread title doesn't specify what the game is about we might edit it and add a key word to it to make it more clear what the thread is about.


Bumping your thread to get it to the front page is fine. But if it is still on the front page and you bump it, this is unacceptible. Also, bumping every 2 seconds is not permited.

Thread necroing

This is posting in very old threads(6 months or older). Please don't do this! In this forum, it's really not necessary, and usually the topic is no longer relevant either. Far better to create a new thread on a similar subject and get some fresh conversation going, than post in one about something that happened months ago.

Repeat threads

Please do make an effort to check for an existing thread before you create one on any subject. We don't expect you to hunt through the entire forum, but we do get a bit mad when people make a thread about a subject that's still on the front page.

If you could take a minute to check back through 4 or 5 pages first, we'd very much appreciate it!

Or else

Rules And Guidelines for Other Games section Avatar_15261


If you have a question you feel people would enjoy answering, please don't post this as your thread. Instead try to use the "Poll" opition so viewing answers is easier and everyone can see others opinions.
Please do no create polls such as "Do you think I'm cool?". Polls like this serve no purpose and will be removed.


Please use the quote option if you wish to bring up something from a previous post that is a wee way back in the thread, otherwise your response will seem a little out of place. Conversation moves quickly!
Also, should you wish to add something written by an author or something similar, please use the quote option again. Also, if posting images and videos, please state they are not your own, unless they are. This avoids Plagerism. Plagerism on this site is a bannable offense as people can sue for stolen works.

If you've read down to here, THANK YOU!!!

This thread will be locked.
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Rules And Guidelines for Other Games section

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