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 A Treatise on Über Diablo ;)

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A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) Vide
PostSubject: A Treatise on Über Diablo ;)   A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) EmptySat May 15, 2010 12:32 am


Über Diablo is a special event boss that was added to the game in v1.10. He only spawn in the online realms, and appears after a given number of SoJ have been sold on a particular server. A notification is displayed onscreen whenever a Stone of Jordan is sold, indicating the number that have been sold. Once a certain number of these rings are sold, the whole screen shakes and the words 'Diablo walks the earth' appear on the screen. This message means that Über Diablo has spawned. He will spawn at the first super-unique monster you encounter - Eldritch, Rakanishu, and even Ancients.

How to Find Über Diablo

Selling SoJ's in a game gives an onscreen indicator of how many SoJ's have been sold on that games "IP". The message "XXXX Stones of Jordan sold to merchant" will likewise appear on every game running on that "IP" (ladder and non ladder, even normal and nightmare) Every 80-120 times a Stone of Jordan is sold on a server, no matter which games it was sold in, there is a chance that it will cause Diablo Clone (Über Diablo) to appear on that server.

A safe way to detect IP's

Click on the Windows button, and goto "Run." Type "Cmd" in the run box to open Command Prompt. (aka ms-dos prompt)

Once command prompt is open, type the following and press Enter:

netstat -n | find "4000"

The IP that ends in .4000 is your diablo 2 game, and the numbers before it are your specific server IP.

Über Diablo Stats

Diablo Clone is not a walkover - he's level 110, and has a ton of HP. First and foremost, you have to deal with his monstrous HP amounts. He is substantially more powerful than Tristram-Diablo, with far more hit points, higher resistances, and the ability to deal out a lot more damage.

He can also use a special version of the Druid's Armageddon spell, which causes fireballs down all around him. His full list of skills and abilities includes: Fire Nova, Pink Lightning Hose, Cold Touch, Fire Wall, Firestorm, Bone Prison, Charge, Armageddon, and even a Taunt that is just for show.

He's got 95% resistance to Fire, Cold, Lite and Poison, 50% resistance to Physical and Magic.

Uber Diablo also regenerates hit points, a rare talent for a SuperUnique. His regeneration rate is the standard 1.2%/sec, but it seems very fast since he has such a vast reservoir of hit points. 1.2% of 642,700 = 7712.4 per second. In other words, Uber Diablo regenerates more hit points every second than most Hell difficult monsters have in total, and with his blocking and huge resistances, the comparison is even more skewed.

The Easiest Way to Kill Über Diablo

I dunno if this shortcut still works, but its pretty simple. Spawn Über Diablo at Eldritch. (Act 5, right above the WP) Lure Über Diablo past the WP, down the stairs to where Shenk and his buddies hang out. Kill Shenk. Same way all those creeps die when Shenk dies, Über Diablo should be dead too. Usc gained, Über Diablo problem solved Very Happy

Solo Killing Über Diablo

Despite his high HP, and resistances, Über Diablo can be ground to pulp pretty easily with some builds, and killed by nearly every character class (with lots of patience) However, it is very handy if you have 2 buffs to use on Über Diablo - "Prevent Monster Heal" and "Crushing Blow." Some easy builds are as follows:

1. Smiters

Easiest way to pawn Über Diablo. Life Tap + Crushing Blow = easy Annihilus (usc).

The same principle applies for Zealers. Draculs Grasp + Guillame's Face are the only items needed.

2. Hammerdins

Can also get the job done. With decent enough gear, and a merc to tank for a bit, clone is toast.

Now to the less obvious options:

3. Sorceresses

Yeah, Sorcs can kill clone. Done it with a friend, did it solo too. Took me 45 min to do it solo a few days back with a Lsor, but its doable.

The obvious choice here is a Blizz sorc. With Cold Mastery's piercing damage, Über Diablo's 95% Cold Res drops down to -ve. Throw in an infinity and its pretty much game-over for Über Diablo. Tanking gear on merc is a big bonus here, he's gonna be bearing the brunt of the clone's attack while you cast from a distance. Shaftstop + Gaze works pretty well.

4. Barbarians

Another lesser heard of option, barbs do very well against Über Diablo and the 3 bosses in Über-Tristram. Barbs have great HP, high defence, and good natural resistances. With the right gear, this is a very fun way to kill Über Diablo. Once again, all that's needed is Crushing Blow and Life Tap.

The Basic Build is: Frenzy as the primary skill, to maximize the chances of a crushing blow and life-tap, with Bezerk to finish Über Diablo off.

5. Assassins

Similar to Barbs, assassins have pretty decent HP, and high resistances due to Fade. With the same gear as a barb, a Kicksin can kill Über Diablo just as easily as a barbarian can. The skill used is Dragon Talon, and the gear needed simply needs to give Life-Tap and Crushing Blow, Res and Ias handy too. (Prevent Monster Heal is a bonus.)

6. Druids, Necros and Amazons

Bone Necs, as long as they have something to tank Über Diablo, can kill him pretty easily. Über Diablo's only got 50% magical resistance, and damn those bone spears hurt. Just keep an eye on your mana, and whoever is tanking for you.

With similar gear as a barbarian / assassin, a good shapeshifting druid could probably take out Über Diablo, with a pet grizzly, oak sage and merc to tank. There are however, far easier ways of doing this then using a druid.

As an afterthought, you could probably use a poison necro on Über Diablo too. You'd need a bunch of 5/5 poison facets along with all of the reduce % poison resistance gear that you can get, but it is certainly doable.

As for amazons, dont bother. Low defence, puny HP and mostly bad resistances = x_X. Yes, a nicely geared up Javazon can kill Über Diablo, but then again, you guys seen the price of Griffons and 5/5 Lite Facets this lad ? @@ Not even mentioning JMoD or eth Titans ... More efficient to level a pala to 70 and whack Über Diablo to death with some cheaper gear Wink


That's the way to do it solo. However, doing it as a group works way better.

Once you've beaten him, Congrats! You've killed the toughest enemy that blizzard has to offer (after Clan GT and Kor PK Haxxors) Twisted Evil

Now time to pawn your allies ... coz Diablo Clone drops only 1 annihilus charm (usc) when he dies. It's the item that everyone wants, so be quick about grabbing it. Twisted Evil

Annihilus (small charm)
Required Level: 70
+1 To All Skills
+10-20 To All Attributes
All Resistances +10-20
+5-10% To Experience Gained

I'd kill for a 20/20/10 this lad ...

Miscellaneous Info

  • He spawns only in a Hell game. While the SOJ counter pops up in all games on the same server, the Clone only shows up in Hell Games on that server.

  • He only spawns once per game kiddos. Dont bother looking for another usc in the same game, even if it says "Diablo Walks the Earth" each time you join the game.

  • He spawns at the first super-unique monster you run into, AFTER the "Diablo Walks the Earth" message pops up.

  • Every time a Stone of Jordan is sold on your server, the screen will alert you. However, the number shown means nothing; it tells you how many have been sold on this server since the beginning of the season on Battle.Net. Just keep alert for the difference in SOJs sold between messages, more SOJs sold, more likely you're gonna get a usc.

  • Don't ever Sell SOJ to try making him spawn. You can't buy 'em back, and your 1 pebble in the pond is meaningless. Dupers / Botters will do all the selling, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Dont ever try to make him spawn at Ancients. It is a gauranteed way of finding DClone if you've mf'd pretty much everything, but be warned - spawning at ancients is a bad bad idea. Not only will you have to take on DClone and the ancients, which is a tough nut to crack, but in case anyone leaves during the battle - opens a TP or does anything which resets the Ancients, DClone vanishes for good. (Credit to Bhagyesh for this one, he opened a TP to get mana pots for his barb, and there went my clone x_x)

  • Dont ask me about Hot IPs. Ask Krawn Razz

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A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) Vide
PostSubject: Re: A Treatise on Über Diablo ;)   A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) EmptySat May 15, 2010 6:42 am

Nice guide
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A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) Vide
PostSubject: Re: A Treatise on Über Diablo ;)   A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) EmptySat May 15, 2010 10:14 pm

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A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) Vide
PostSubject: Re: A Treatise on Über Diablo ;)   A Treatise on Über Diablo ;) Empty

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A Treatise on Über Diablo ;)

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