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 Fury druid

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Fury druid Vide
PostSubject: Fury druid   Fury druid EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 5:15 am

credits go to Myrddrall9@D2jsp.com


Druids start off with the following statistics.
Dexterity- 20
Vitality- 25
Energy- 20

Each time you level you gain +1.5 to Vitality, +1 to Stamina and +2 to mana.

For each point invested in vitality you gain 2 life and 1 stamina.

For each point invested in energy you gain two mana.

For this wolf you will invest enough strength to wear all of your gear and enough dexterity to wear all of your gear. The rest goes into vitality.


The skill layout for this wolf is fairly straightforward.

Shape Shifting Tree

Werewolf- This skill allows you to transform, greatly boosting your attack rating and health. Max this.

Lycanthropy- This skill boosts the health bonus you receive when transformed, as well as the duration of your transformation. Max this.

Feral rage- This is one of your most useful PvM skills. When you use feral rage, a ball appears around your druid. The ball represents the level of charge that you currently possess. The more charge you have, the stronger Feral Rage’s effects will be. These effects are high life leech (40% or greater) and boosted Faster Run Walk. You will always keep this ball charged. The life leech applies to any of your attacks, so long as the ball remains charged. Place enough points here to reach at least 45% leech (level Cool

Fury- Your main damage dealer. Fury adds incredible amounts of damage and Attack rating, as well as speed. Fury hits up to 5 times, either against a single target or multiple ones, depending on what’s in range. Also holding “shift” and using fury will auto target anything within range.

Summon tree

Ravens- Prerequisite for the “animal” portion of the summon tree. Plus they look cool.

Spirit wolves- Place one point here. If you need multiple distractions use these. You are able to summon up to five of these.

Dire wolves- Place one point here, they are stronger then spirit wolves and gain bonuses by “eating” corpses. You are able to summon up to three of these. You will place points here.

Grizzly- Place one point here. This will deal the most damage out of all your summons and has the most health out of them. The bear also has a knock back effect. You will place points here.

Oak sage- This spirit adds health bonuses to you, your summons, and anyone in your party. Max this.

Heart of Wolverine- This spirit adds to both your damage and attack rating. Place one point here, you will use it when partied with a druid with a higher level Oak sage.

Poison Creeper- Place one point here. You need it to get Carrion Vine plus it stops boss regeneration.

Carrion vine- Place one point here, life leech should take care of your health needs, but there are some enemies that LL goes not effect, such as skeletons. The vine will allow you to regain health from their bodies. Obviously do not use this in conjunction with dire wolves.

Take note that the “animal” summons (spirit/dire wolves and Grizzly) give bonuses to each other. Spirit wolf gives dire wolves and bear bonuses to attack rating and defense, dire wolves give bonuses to life, and grizzly gives bonuses to damage. These are not true synergies. They benefit from soft points as well as hard points, and the bonuses extend past level 20.

Ignore the Elemental Tree for this build.

If you are playing through the game and not ubering to 90, place your skill points as follows:

-Place your first point into werewolf.
-Put the second into Lycanthropy and place points here until you reach level 6.
-At level 6 place on into Oak Sage.
-Place a point into Raven and Spirit Wolves after that.
-Keep leveling Lycanthropy until you reach level 12.
-At this point get Carrion vine and Feral Rage (as points are available of course)

Once you get Feral Rage (place enough points here to reach desired Life leech level, this will depend on your gear.), your journey is made much easier. Continue getting the one point wonders and prereqs. When you get access to Fury max it.

Then max Lycanthropy, Werewolf, Oak sage (putting alternative points into these is a good idea), and spread the rest between dire wolves and grizzly. If you want your pets to have more life, place the points into Dire wolves, if you want them to do more damage, place the rest into grizzly.

Here is a simple skill layout, for those who prefer reading in this fashion.

20 Werewolf
20 Lycanthropy
20 Oak Sage
20 Fury
X Feral Rage
1 into prereqs and Carrion vine
Rest of points into Grizzly or Dire wolf

Gear selections

*Keep in mind there are always other alternatives for gear in PvM. You are not limited to using what I list here, and I know I have forgotten viable options. Forgive me.


Jalals- This is an incredible helm. All of the mods are useful for a wolf (the mana per kill helps more then you’d think). Plus it’s cheap; people often give these away for free in public games. If you need the FHR to hit the 42% breakpoint shale this, if not place an +all res jewel or a Tal/ral/Ort/Thul rune depending on which individual resistance you need the most.

Guillaume's Face- This is the other option for your helmet choice. You loose skills and resistances, but gain massive crushing blow and a decent amount of deadly strike. If you have the resistances (using Tomb reaver for example) use this, and socket it the same way you did the jalals.


Fortitude- The best option but is obviously very expensive (compared to most of the other gear choices). Adds a good amount of damage to your attacks and provides some resistance.

Enigma- Mostly used here for the FRW. It’s essential for PvP but not nearly as much so for PvM.

Chains of Honor- It’s nice but comes at a heavy price. Plus the option below is much more appealing… If you can afford it though, it’s a great choice, giving you +65 to all resistances and ED versus both demons and undead, plus skill bonuses, DR, and life leech.

Smoke- You get +50 to all resistances, 20 FHR, defense against missiles, and some enhanced defense for the price of one Nef and one Lum. Well worth it.

Shaftstop- This is another piece of gear that I often see people giving out in public games. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. Shaft provides 30% DR and +60 life (magnified by your Oak, BO, and Lycanthropy). Place a Perfect ruby in here for +38 more life. This armor is especially good in the Chaos sanctuary for two reasons. First the less damage you do the less you take from Iron Maiden (wearing Fortitude is a bad idea). Second Damage reduction takes effect versus the damage of Iron Maiden, helping you further to survive.

Treachery- Most people use this for prebuffing fade. It’s a fantastic addition to your arsenal. Level 15 fade lasts for 288 seconds (almost 5 minutes) and reduces curse length by 79%. It also adds +60 to your resistances. This is your greatest weapon when combating Iron Maiden.

Lionheart- This is an interesting option, fairly cheap (Hel, Lum, Fal) and gives +30 to all resistances, +50 to life, 20% ED, +25 to strength, +15 to dexterity, +10 to energy, and +20 to vitality.


Dracul’s Grasp- Having these isn’t necessary for any area but Uber tristram. They’re nice to have, but are not needed.

Blood fists- Fantastic gloves. With these and Guilliames or Jalals, you don’t need any added FHR to reach the 42% breakpoint, plus they add a substantial amount of life. Plus they are extremely inexpensive.

Laying of Hands- The 350% ED to demons is nice, but the real stand out mod of these gloves is the +50 to fire resistance.


Gores- A fairly obvious choice for a melee character but there are other options as well.

Aldur’s boots- The +50 to life and 40-50 to fire resistance are the main attractions of these boots. A very viable option.

Hotspurs- Nice to use in fire intensive areas, but Aldur’s are much better for general play.

Rare boots- These can be used, try to get some with decent duel resistances (ideally tri, but that gets expensive) and some FRW.


String of ears- Getting one with 15% DR won’t be difficult and the life leech on this belt is much more useful then the mods on Verdungo’s (a belt used most often for DR in PvP) in PvM.

Thundergod’s Vigor-This will be useful in areas where lightning is prominent, especially in the Worldstone keep, or versus any nasty lightning enchanted unique (the council comes to mind).

Rares/Crafted- Yes these can be used on a PvM wolf, though the price/performance ratio is quite bad. If you have one feel free to use it, but if not don’t go looking for one. Desirable mods include 17+FHR/20+Strength/40+ Life.


Highlords- The ideal choice of amulet, it adds a considerable amount of deadly strike and a fair amount of lightning resistance.

Metalgrid- If you find that your resistances aren’t up to par then I suggest this. It adds 25-25 to your resistances as well as 400-450 to your attack rating (multiplied by any bonuses you have, such as fury and werewolf).

Rising sun- Useful in Uber trist and against the Chaos sanctuary demons that spew fire.

Atma’s Scarab- The only real use of this amulet is the 5% chance to cast amplify damage. Amp damage will break the vast majority of physical immunes, enabling you to damage them. If you can’t get this don’t worry, there are other methods of dealing with physical immunes.


Raven frost- One of these is needed for the “Can not be frozen” mod. Try to get the best attack rating and dexterity possible, but if you can’t any one will do. These can be found for free or very cheaply.

Manald Heal- This you should have no problem getting but it is essential for the mana leech it provides. Plus it gives a bit of life replenish and +20 to life. Quite a bargin if you ask me.

Rares- You can use rares (make sure they have mana leech). The only issue with these can be the price; even without Faster Cast rate (the most popular mod) they can still be pricey. Look for + to resistances, Life leech, +life, and + Strength/Dexterity.

*Note: Angelics are completely unnecessary in PvM!


First off, for all intents and purposes, the only IAS that will affect your attack speed is on weapon. Therefore your weapon choice will be more limited then, say, a zealer. You should be hitting 5 frames (6 is acceptable). In order to achieve this you need a total speed of 60 IAS for any one handed weapon. This includes the base speed of the weapon (check the Arreat Summit if you need to look these up). 40 IAS is needed to hit 6 frame fury with a one handed weapon. For 2 handed weapons you need a total of 75 IAS (including the base speed of the weapon) for a 4 frame fury and at least 45 Ias for a 5 frame fury.

I will include interesting and/or common weapon choices; there are many more that can be used.

One Handed Weapons

Grief Phase Blade- At the cost of two pseudo high runes, this is one of the more expensive items, but it’s price/performance ratio is incredible. Grief PB has amazing average damage, 20% deadly strike, and venom (coupled with – enemy resistance it adds a nice chunk of damage). It hits 5 frame fury.

Oath- A bit cheaper than grief, Oath made in an eth Berserker axe will hit 5 frame fury. Grief is far superior though.

EBOTDZ- Waste of the runes, but if you have one lying around; it’s a fine PvM weapon.

Baraner’s Star- One of the ways you can deal with physical immunes is with this weapon. It may take a bit to kill them but no monster is immune to cold, light, fire, and physical. Shael this for a 5 frame fury.

Azurewrath- This is the best option for dealing with physical immunes, as it adds significant magical and cold damage to your attack. It also helps in Chaos against IM, as the physical damage it deals is relatively low. Socket it with a good jewel or an Amn. This hits 5 frame fury.

Lacerator- This ideally should be eth. It’s just another way to kill physical immunes. This hits 6 frame fury. Azurewrath will do a much better job though.


Stormshield- Provides Damage reduction and cold/lightning resistances. Socket this with an Um or perfect diamond, depending on your budget.

2 Handed Weapons

*I will be discussing two options here

Upped Ribcracker- easily the one with the best price/performance ratio. It has decent ED, 50% FHR, and most of all a massive 50% Crushing blow. Up this and Shael it and you have a PvM weapon that can’t be beat. Plus it makes a very appealing sound when you hit things with it. This will hit 5 frame fury.

Tomb reaver- Ideally this would be eth (it is only worth using in either case if it has 3 sockets), though it can work non-eth as well. The only problem with this weapon is its price; they are very rare weapons and are used for PvP druids as well. Stick with the ribcracker if you are on a budget. If you get one of these socket it with a Zod and 2 15 IAS/15 Resistance jewels. If you are using a non-eth one use a Lo and 2 15/15’s. Shaels can be substituted but chances are if you can afford one of these, you can afford the jewels.


Get a Torch and Anni if possible; druid torches in particular can be gotten very cheaply.

Get to the 42 Faster hit recovery breakpoint with either small charms or a 12 FHR shape grand charm (the grand charm is more effective but may be hard to get).

Use charms to get your resistances up to a decent level, not they do not necessarily have to be maxed (though that is the ideal).

Fill the rest of your space with Shape lifers (low lifers can be gotten cheaply) and other useful small charms (attack/life, resistance/life, etc).

Switch Gear

Call to Arms/Spirit- Both of these can be gotten cheaply.

If you can’t get these put another weapon there, preferably one that deals with physical immunes.

Life tap wand-This is essential for Ubers and can be useful in general game play.


(All merc gear should be ethereal)

The best merc for this build is an act 2 Nightmare offensive one. They have the might aura, which will greatly boost your damage.


Andariel’s Visage- The best act 2 merc helm, it gives, skill bonuses, IAS, life leech, and massive poison resistance and max poison resistance. The only downside is the negative fire resistance, so socket this with a Ral.

Crown of thieves/Vampire’s Gaze- Both of these are good alternatives, the COT gives a decent fire resistance boost while Vamp gives some DR. Socket both of these with a Shael.


Reaper’s Toll- The optimal weapon because of its chance to cast decrepify, this should be ethereal.

If you can’t get this, any high damage pole arm will do.


Fortitude- This is ideal, adding massive damage and decent resistance to the mercenary.

Shaftstop- A viable alternative. Basically any armor I recommended you use will be good for your merc as well.

Game Play Tips

-Keep your summons out at all times. They can be used to tank attacks or attract dangerous things way from you.
-Remember that you don’t die when reduced to one health; you merely shift back to human form.
-Always keep your feral rage ball charged.
-Be careful around Oblivion Knights.
-You can tank massive amounts of damage, and recover extremely quickly but don’t over do it, if you seem to be dying get out of the situation and try from a different angle.
-Crushing blow is needed versus the ubers and very effective versus the act bosses.
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Fury druid

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