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Medals Gallery This Section Explains all about the Medals you can be awarded. There are various criteria for achieving these medals and are great in letting people what you've done and make you feel proud! Each medal is described as well as what it takes to get it. You cannot ask for medals, they will be awared when the people feel you have achieved a certain level and deserve it.
NameDescriptionMedal Image
Medal of Loyalty:Thee person with this medal has been seen as a loyal, active, and helpful member of the community. Medals Loyalt10
Medal of Commitment:: To Achieve this Medal, This person has shown great commitment to the forums Medals Hard_w10
Medal of Kindness: :This player has shown kindness to other members in the form of advice, guides, help and/or simply as a gentle, loving soul. Medals Kindne10
Award of Entertainment:: This person has been deemed as a funny, friendly, and entertaining person. Medals Funny_10
Medal of Honesty:This player has shown fantastic trade referencing and is deemed to be a very trustworthy member of the community. This is a very prestigious Medal, and along with this Medal comes the title of Mediator. Medals Mediat10
Medal of Honor:: This Person is an example of Perfection. The commitment by this person is no short of magnificent. This Medal is the most prestigious out of all the medals, having aquired the Medal of Loyalty, Commitment, and Honesty. This person will receive a very special title. Medals Medal_10